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Personalised 80th Birthday Napkins

You get the Design Logo shown on the Napkin - ONLY THE 2 LINES OF PERSONALISATION CHANGE.
Personalised printed foil 80th Birthday Napkin

Top quality Customised Foil Printed Table Napkins (Serviettes) in two sizes (33cm 2 ply & 40cm 3 ply) and 9 colours -
(Prices with Napkin Size & Qty below)

33cm (folded, about 6 1/2" or 17cm square) Napkins are perfect for Buffet style occasions, whilst the bigger 40cm (folded, about 8" or 19cm square) Napkins are perfect for seated meals.

These are top quality tissue based absorbent napkins, not the cheap, shiny ones :-)

These are embossed using metallic foil, not the cheaper, ink printing, so Gold & Silver etc really looks like they should!

Flexible quantity choice. Occasion too big for 50, but too small for 100? We offer Table napkins in quantities of 50 up to 600 on the website

PLEASE NOTE! Our napkins are printed at the beginning of the week, so if you get in early, we will post them to you the same week!. Please Contact Us to check.

Why not use our cheap Special Delivery option to guarantee you get your order the day after we post them.

I also have a unique Handmade Birthday Cards and a perfect Personalised 80th Birthday Gift about 'What happened the day they were born'.

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5 easy steps!

1 - Personalise your Napkins. We offer you two lines. NOTE! We will print exactly how & what you write here.

2 - Choose from 9 napkin colours, an image of each one will appear when you click on the napkin radio buttons. (e.g. radio button White)

3 - Choose the foil colour for your napkin.(Please choose foil colour that is next to your chosen Napkin colour)

4 - Choose from two sizes of napkin, 33cm and 40cm (this is the size when they are opened) folded up they are 6"x6" (33cm) and 8"x8" (40cm)

5 - Choose how many you want. (If you want more than 600, please call us)

Personalise your Napkins here (if used, no more than 3 'xxx's (kisses) please)
1st line of personalisation: Person's name etc. or Twins!
2nd line of personalisation:   Date? Don't forget the 'th' or 'rd' as we print what you write!!
Please note! Napkin colours are quite accurate.
Choose your Napkin colour and Foil colour:
Click the left hand radio button's to choose Napkin colour,
then choose the printing Foil colour

White Napkins
Foil colour?
Dark Blue
Light (Christening) Blue
Cream Napkins
Foil colour?
Pale Pink Napkins
Foil colour?
Midnight Blue Napkins
Foil colour?
Burgundy Napkins
Foil colour?
Pale Blue Napkins
Foil colour?
Red Napkins
Foil colour?
Dark Green Napkins
Foil colour?
Black Napkins
Foil colour?
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Choose your Napkin Size, Quantity & Price:

All prices INCLUDE Post & Packing

Click to see prices price pointer 33cm (2 ply) Napkins 6" x 6" square.
Click to see prices price pointer 40cm (3 ply) Napkins 8" x 8" square.

50 £33
60 £35
70 £37
80 £38
90 £39
100 £40
150 £56
200 £71
250 £80
300 £88
400 £106
500 £124
600 £142

50 £35
60 £38
70 £39
80 £41
90 £42
100 £44
150 £63
200 £77
250 £88
300 £99
400 £121
500 £144
600 £166

Christmas holiday

 Special Delivery Options UK ONLY.

PLEASE NOTE! Napkins will still take about 5-7 working days to process, depending on when you order.

We normally send all napkin orders out 1st Class Recorded Post (included in the price), but if you want the security of delivery over and above this or have ordered with not much time to spare before the occasion, please choose the Special Next Day Delivery.

Once your napkins are ready, they will be posted Special Delivery and be with you, guaranteed, by 1pm next day.
This service (and the normal Recorded service) needs to be signed for upon delivery.

Yes, please send my order by Special Delivery when it's ready.(Orders of 200 Napkins & over are sent Special Delivery automatically.) (Tick box below).

6 Next Day Special Delivery (Royal Mail charge 6.95+)

If you are happy with our Free 1st Class Recorded leave this blank

Please Note! You can send your order to a different address in the 'Summary' page, using the 'Additional Notes' during the checkout process.

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  • Amazing service!! I ordered on monday and the napkins arrived on thursday. They are beautiful, just what I wanted. Fantasic price and customer care too. Thank you.(Girls Christening Napkins)
    Mrs L Swallow, Urmston
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