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What happened on that day? Birthday cards

Looking for an unusual or unique Birthday Card?

'What happened when they were born'

For EVERY Birthday year from 1900. Links to them all below.

Any year from 1900! - 18th Birthday - 21st Birthday - 30th Birthday - 40th Birthday - 50th Birthday - 60th Birthday - 65th Birthday - 70th Birthday - 80th Birthday - 90th Birthday - 100th Birthday


So what's on (and in) these special Birthday card?

Front of the card

  • This will say 'Happy (AGE) Birthday [Name] (or nickname.)
  • Then on the 'Newsflash!' board, it will have their full name printed on it, saying -
    Read all about it! What happened the day [Name] was born?'

Then, on the inside scroll of the card

On the right under 'The Day You Were Born'-

  • Shows their full name and their date of birth.
  • Then says 'On your birthday you will be xxxx days young'.
  • Your short, (optional) birthday message.


Their Biography

  • Their First name Meaning.
  • Meaning of their actual birth day and month.
  • Zodiac Star Sign and meaning.
  • Chinese Year Symbol and meaning.
  • Birth Stone.
  • Birth Flower.
  • Birth Colour.
  • What Planet are they linked to?
  • What are their Lucky Numbers?
  • What celebrities share their birthday?

World news on that day

  • World News on the day they were born.
  • Medical Advances.
  • Inventions.
  • Reigning Monarch.
  • The birth of [Name]
  • US President.
  • Latest Royal Birth.
  • Prime Minister.
  • Opposition Leader.


  • Most Popular Film.
  • Most Popular Band.
  • Most Popular Singer.
  • Most Popular Song.
  • Most Popular Musical.
  • Most Popular Trend.
  • Female Oscar Winner.
  • Male Oscar Winner
  • Number of UK Babies Born.
  • Nobel Prize Winner.
  • Baby Talk.

Some sports were not held during the war years

  • Grand National Winner.
  • Golf British Open Winner.
  • Cricket Winner. 
  • Rugby Winner.
  • Wimbledon Winners.
  • FA Cup Final Result.
  • Heavyweight Boxing Champ.
  • World Snooker Champion.

Their Characteristics - Are they?

  • Witty and appealing, Fun loving?
  • Find out here:-)

Their Virtues - Are they?

  • Sensitive, sincere, loving?
  • We know!

Cost of Living (then and now)

  • A pint of Beer
  • Loaf of bread
  • Butter
  • Newspaper
  • House
  • Car
  • Inflation Rate
  • Yearly Wage
  • Gallon of Petrol
  • 20 Cigarettes
  • Dollar to the Pound

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